The Ulnooweg Development Group
Senior Advisory Team

In managing a complex organization, Ulnooweg Development Group has found it useful to tap into external expertise and advice. Over time, this has coalesced into a small advisory team offering senior level experience and strategic advice on a variety of issues important to the Ulnooweg mission and mandate.

The advisory team includes leaders with expertise in strategic planning and governance, national perspectives on access to capital and deep knowledge on leveraging charitable and philanthropic opportunities to enhance outcomes and results.

The advisory team brings thought leadership and a diverse understanding of the important role of entrepreneurship for Indigenous businesses and community enterprises. It also serves as a sounding board to explore ideas and offer suggestions to enhance Indigenous business development in Atlantic Canada and to support national leadership initiatives in which Ulnooweg is involved. As a resource to the Ulnooweg senior management team, the advisory team meets quarterly or on an as needed basis.
Members of the Ulnooweg Senior Advisory Team include:

As a former provincial deputy minister and seasoned consultant, Ron has worked nationally and internationally in the United Kingdom, in the United States and Europe. As Deputy Minister of Labour, Ron was asked by the Federal Government to lead the Canadian Delegation in the negotiation of an International Convention on Human Resource Development to the…

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Richard is a lawyer with a practice dedicated to charities and non-profit organizations. He has worked across Canada and internationally on issues relating to philanthropy. His clients are foundations, charitable organizations, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, non-profits, co-operatives and government organizations of all kinds. Richard’s primary role with Ulnooweg is to help strengthen the connections between Atlantic…

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Dominique has over 30 years of experience in Aboriginal access to capital research, policy and program development in the areas of micro-credit, business finance, community banking, risk capital, housing and infrastructure financing, financial literacy, social finance and First Nation government finance in and out of government. His focus has been on innovative financing solutions that…

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