Chris Googoo

Chief Operating Officer

Christopher Googoo is a proud member of the We’koqma’q First Nation, living in Millbrook on the unceded territory of Mi’kma’ki, with his wife and three children. 

He is the Chief Operating Officer of Ulnooweg and the Executive Director of The Ulnooweg Indigenous Communities Foundation— working to strengthen the relationship between Canada’s philanthropic sector and Indigenous communities.  Started in 2000, he has been with the organization for over 23 years as the most senior person at Ulnooweg.  His most recent works have been involved in the creation and implementation of the new national Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund, implementation of Ulnooweg Education Centre’s STEAM based education under the Science and Innovation program and the recent acquisition of 200 acres of old growth forest land Asitu’l~sk (formerly Windhorse Farm), focussed on creating a space for healing and education.

He is currently a Board member of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, Centre for Local Prosperity, the Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia, and Chair of Impact Organizations of Nova Scotia.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from St. Francis Xavier University.

He has served on other boards including most recently InnovaCorp, the National Aboriginal Capital Corporation Association and the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce.